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Edward Tuttle has worked as an illustrator and designer since 1979. Starting as a mechanical artist in a small communications firm in San Diego, Ed quickly gained skills in advertising design and grew in his talents as an illustrator. Hired by Tom Fowler, founder of Tom Fowler, Inc. (now TFI Envision), he received invaluable hands-on training as a designer. For 16 years Ed served as the Senior Designer for Union Carbide Corporation, overseeing the creation of corporate identity, capabilities brochures, trade shows and virtually every other form of corporate communications. The acquisition of Union Carbide by Dow Chemical in 2001 provided Ed the opportunity to launch eklektos. In 2010, Ed received his Master of Fine Arts in Illustration.

Since the beginning of his career Ed has been given opportunities to learn from very talented mentors. As a result, he is consistently motivated to pass on his experience to others. As a teacher, his classes are characterized as enjoyable and challenging, creating an atmosphere that produces growth. Ed addresses the whole person, affirming and guiding more than just focusing on the technical part of the process. Teaching is far more than just conveying information to people. It is empowering students to master the information themselves.

Ed’s experience as a corporate designer/ illustrator, principal of his own design studio, and a variety of teaching opportunities throughout his career allow him to offer a rich, working knowledge of the arts to any student. The sensitivity and professionalism he brings to his work is equally present in the class room. Read more about Ed’s vision for a school for the arts.


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