About Ed Tuttle

In 1961, on the front porch of his home in Connecticut, a 3-year-old boy sat with paper and a pen and began copying cartoons from his Little Golden Books. Hundreds of pads, pencils, paints, and crayons later, this young man left seminary with a BA in Philosophy and traveled to Pasadena upon being accepted into Art Center College of Design’s illustration program. Lack of finances forced this young artist with big dreams to work as a mechanical artist in 1979 in San Diego. 

Once introduced to the world of commercial art, I returned to Connecticut, serendipitously becoming an apprentice in one of the finest design studios in Fairfield county. Several years later, I was blessed once again to become the senior designer for Union Carbide. In 2001, after a corporate takeover, I started my own design/illustration studio, eklektos.

I’m the son of an engineer and an artist. Dad’s mantra was, “If you look at something long enough, you’ll figure out how it works.” That proven wisdom, along with mom’s relentless cheerleading of my creativity, has created a combo I love using to help my clients.

I am a husband, father, friend, teacher, carpenter, designer, believer, and lover of a good pun. I enjoy plenty of garlic, dark chocolate, spring and fall, coffee/dark beer/red wine with friends, challenging teaching, honest preaching, engaging conversations about God and culture, and great guitar solos. I love sunrise drives, overcast days at the shore, the smell of wood, and my wife’s, kids’, and grandkids’ voices. I loathe crowds, wrong directions, anything sticky on my hands, and misplaced apostrophes.

I’ve raised 4 strong, gifted, independent daughters, am still in love with my wise and faithful wife, and would be a fine carpenter if I wasn’t doing what I do.