Wellspring Mural

In Kensington, Connecticut, Wellspring Church commissioned a mural that would inspire its congregation to understand and take part in its mission. The hand of Christ reaches in and changes the very nature of the soil. He sows seeds, alluding to the parable of the sower, which take root in fertile ground. However, to ensure a […]

Nelson Hall Mural

Rather than sitting still and waiting out the pandemic, Elim Park forged ahead, creating new forms of entertainment for the residents. Nelson Hall Theatre has always been a cultural hub for Elim Park. To celebrate that, I was commissioned to create a mural around the entryway to the theatre that celebrates all the ways Nelson […]

Klingberg Mural

Klingberg Family Centers has the most extensive archives on orphan life in America, including photography, films, diaries, letters, and hours of interviews with former residents. When Klingberg Family Centers decided to create a museum about its history as an orphanage, I was asked to create two wall murals to tell that unique and moving story. […]